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Parador of Santillana del Mar

Parador of Santillana del Mar

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Introducing Myself

My name is Ester. I´m twenty years old. I live in Madrid.I am tall, with brown eyes and dark hair. I have two sisters. I live with my mother,father and sisters. Now, my sister is in the United Kingdom with a friend in Dartmouth.She works as a housekeeper.I work in a call center in Madrid and I ´m studying Hotel Management.I would like to work in a hotel in the future. I have a driving license. I would like to speak English very well in the future because I would like to work in an airline company too. I like swimming, travelling, go to the the cinema, go with my friends,... In Summer, I ´m going to travel to Darmouth and I will see my sister. I going to visit Mallorca too.